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4smarts Car Vent Holder UltiMAG VENTMAG PLUS black

Cena: 20 EUR 

Keep your smartphone in view when you´re driving with the 4smarts VENTMAG PLUS. This individually adjustable, magnetic holder for the ventilation grille keeps your smartphone safely and reliably in position even on bumpy roads.


Air vent clamp for extremely stable hold on the vent 

Ultra universal holder for all popular smartphones and GPS navigation devices

Free visual field on the streets as the devices don't have to be fixated at the front window

Secure hold through powerful magnets

Ball joint with turning angle ensures a perfect viewing angle

Screw closure for ball joint fixing

Interchangeable magnetic component; Replaceable with the 4smarts UltiMAG Allround magnetic holder (469139 & 469133)

Rubber surface on the inside of the clamp protects the car vent from scratches and keeps the mounted device safe from street triggered vibration

Rubber cover on the magnets protects the device and prevents scratches

Adhesive metal plates enable you to mount smartphones / navigation systems

Also works with the Loop-Guard system

How it works:
By sticking one of the included self-adhesive metal plates to your device, it perfectly clings to the magnetic holder. The plates can be applied either directly to your smartphone, to the inside of your smartphone´s case or to a navigation device. For optimal results clean the back side of the equipment before you stick the plates to it.

Package contains: 

4smarts Car holder VENTMAG PLUS

2x metal plate

Compatible with devices featuring a smooth and flat back side on which the needed thin contact plate can be glued.  Alternatively,  you can also use a faceplate or case to attach the contact plate.