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Wall Charger Set with Micro-USB & USB Type-C Cable

Cena: 21 EUR 

Powerful wall charger 5V/2,4A in combination with a universal 2in1 Micro-USB and USB Type-C cable.

Wall Charger Features:

Overall charging current of 2400mA for powerful charging

Charging current is optimally distributed to the devices by the built-in charging control

Intelligent charging shutdown reduces the current consumption and sustains the battery lifetime

Power connection supplies 100-240V for worldwide use

Discreet, futuristic housing shape

Output: DC 5V/2.4A (12W)

1 standard USB Type-A port

Cable Features:

Enables to charge micro USB and USB Type-C devices with only one cable

Robust plugs coated with aluminium

Braided cable sleeve made out of a durable cotton fabric for an extra layer of protection

Highly flexible and therefore always tangle-free

Suitable for charging and syncing

Kink protectors on both plugs prevent cable breaks and prolongs the cable´s life span

USB Type-A to micro-USB and USB Type-C (2in1-plug)

Cable length: 1.5m

Everything you need for charging your USB-C device extremely fast: The wall charger as well as the included data/charging cable are capable of charging your device in a minimum of time. Your advantage: You can also use the cable separately. Therefore you don´t have to buy a fast charging cable in addition to the wall charger.

Package contains:

4smarts Wall Charger VoltPlug 

4smarts Cable ComboCord

Compatible with devices with either USB Type-C or micro-USB connector.