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4smarts Inductive Fast Charger VoltBeam Grip 10W black

Cena: 40 EUR 

The 4smarts car holder VoltBeam Grip 10W holds your smartphone securely in position and also charges its battery without the need to connect a cable to the mobile phone.


Quick wireless charging with up to 10W

Suitable for devices with a body width of 60 to 85 mm (approx. 4" to 6" display diameter)

Convenient wireless charging in the car

Secure hold of the mobile phone due to 2 side holding brackets

Convenient one-hand operation thanks to the rear unlocking button

Powerful suction cup for sturdy fixation on the windshield or even the rough surface of the car's dashboard

Easy and fast insertion and removal of the device

Adjustable view angle

Connector: Micro-USB

Input: 5V DC / 2000mA

Output: 10W

Length of charging cable: 1m

This elegant smartphone holder with suction cup is ideal for use in all vehicles. The smartphone is held securely and thanks to the integrated qi charging pad, compatible devices are charged without the need to plug them to a charger.

Package contains:

4smarts Inductive Fast Charger VoltBeam Grip

Suction Cup Mount

Micro-USB charging cable

Compatible with all devices with a body width of 60 to 85mm, that can be charged wireless via induction.