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4smarts Universal Car Vent Holder Snapclip 2.0 black

Cena: 15 EUR 

Always keep an eye on your smartphone or navigation device with the 4smarts Snapclip 2.0. Simply attach this clever car holder with only one hand to the ventilation grille of your vehicle and navigate comfortably to your next destination.


Extremely easy assembling of the smartphone in the holder 

Clever opening mechanism of the mount enables fast and easy attaching of the smartphone with only one finger

Super compact - therefore easy to store if not in use

Two screw plugs on clamp and ball joint for a versatile mounting and an extremely stable hold

Ultra universal holder for all smartphones and GPS navigation devices

Joint with 360° rotation and 90° turning angle ensures an individual orientation, even while driving

Soft rubber surfaces on the connection areas protect against scratches

Does not reduce the field of vision of the driver

Robust and reliable

For devices with a width of up to 86 mm

The most comfortable car mount especially for mobile phones and GPS navigation.
With a pull-out width of up to 8.6 cm also larger smartphones find a comfortable position and secure grip.
Secure and firm grip even with a protective cover on the phone. The compact design gives you quick access to all needed handset controls.

Attach the smartphone holder to the ventilation grill of your car and enjoy the benefits. This clever gadget can be easily opened with just one finger and makes attaching the smartphone a breeze.

Simple and rapid opening and closing of the clamp with the clever screw plug. Mount the clamp at the grille of the vent and fix it at the desired position by tightening the screw. To remove or lock the holder, open the clamp. The rubber surface on the inside provides extra grip and the surfaces are protected from scratches.

Ball joint:
For avoiding of holder damages always open the screwing to adjust the ball joint. If the desired adjustment of angle is reached, close the screw of the joint to fix it.

Package contains: 

4smarts Snapclip 2.0 Universal car holder for mounting on the car vent grill

Compatible with devices with a width of 51 to 86 mm and a maximum depth of 15 mm.